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What a week!!

Ugh what a week.  I'm so damn glad it's about over.  Monday our internet went down.  This is usually not a big deal, but now since I work from home, it's a VERY big deal.  We didn't get it back until freakin Wednesday.  So that's put me quite behind on my hours for the week.  Dammit.

Diet wise, things are going ok.  I'm 2 pounds shy of losing my first 50.  I've been stalled for nearly a month.  I'm pretty sure the weight I lost was poop.  Sparing a majority of the details, constipation has gotten the better of me.  BIG TIME.  Last night was pretty much the worst night of my life, and I never EVER want to endure that pain ever again.

I've been meaning to get on here and post a few more protein bar reviews...I've tried some really tasty ones!  I was so utterly disappointed in the Quest Banana Nut Muffin ones.  I really wanted to like them, but they tasted like ass, so the bar promptly got thrown away.  Very disappointing.

What else...oh!  My family joined the aquatic center.  I love swimming, it's always been one of my favorite forms of exercise, but we never have anywhere to swim.  My son was on the school swim team last year and loved it so much, but he does need some improvement, so I got him signed up for swim lessons there, and then signed up for a family membership as well.  I cannot wait to start tomorrow.  I'm seriously stoked about this!!

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