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Woo hoo hooooooo!!

Oh yea baby!  Not only is my stall broken, but I hit a milestone today.  Not only have I lost 50 pounds, but I threw in one more for good measure.  Yeoow!  51 lbs. gone for good.  It feels SO damn good too.  I feel a huge sense of accomplishment today.

This morning, I got my son and hubby up bright and early at 6:30.  I don't know who was more miserable...my hubby, who is used to getting up at 8, or my little man.  But once they were both up and we were out the door, we were all fine.  We went and swam this morning, and I was actually putting in quite a bit of effort...doing "real" swimming laps.  Not those doggy paddle or tread water back and forth type of laps, but the type of freestyle laps you see at swim meets.  Yea, I still got game.  We actually swam for a full hour today, which made me feel even more accomplished than I already did.  

My new short term goal is another 5 lbs. gone.  Longer term goal, 75 lbs. gone.  Even better than that will be when I'm FINALLY into two-ville.  I cannot frikkin wait, and I'm sooooooo close I can see it!  Soon...soon!!

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