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I am so happy that I FINALLY decided to go ahead and have this weight loss surgery.  There were so many times when I thought "I want to have it done", but I chickened out.  It was like that with my tonsils too.  I actually saw three doctors before I just sucked it up, pulled up my big girl panties, and had it done.  When I went to see my second ENT doctor for my tonsils, the Dr. actually said to me "The reason your tonsils are so inflamed is because you are so porked out."  He ACTUALLY used the words porked out.  Who in the hell does that?

Anyhow...this surgery, this tool...hell this gift I've been given, it's tremendous.  I am feeling so much better about myself these days.  I've lost just about 53 pounds now.  53 pounds y'all!  A large bag of dog food weighs 50 pounds.  Checked airport luggage weights 50 pounds.  That's a TON of weight, and I couldn't be more happy with my progress.

One reason I'm so happy is because my relationship with food the past two months has drastically changed.  I'm officially a label reader.  Last week my son and I went grocery shopping and it took me forever because I was stopping to read labels on everything I purchased.  Oh, and my son now looks at labels too and it becoming more carb/calorie/far/protein conscious.  I love that!!

Another reason I'm so happy is because I've found my fitness groove again.  A year and a half ago my husband and I joined a gym.  I went regularly, then stopped.  Long story...pretty sure I've already discussed it before.  Anyhow, this week?  Found my fitness groove again.  We alternate days between doing laps at the pool, and hitting the gym.  Today is an off day, which makes me happy.  But I can't wait to get back at it tomorrow.  And, I've found a few apps which help me stay motivated and keep me interested.  The first one is Gym Pact.  This is an app you can download on your iPhone or Android phone.  You basically tell the app how many times a week you'll work out, and how much you're willing to pay for every workout you miss.  When you hit the gym, you check in and check out once you're done, 30 minutes minimum.  Make your pact and you don't have to pay for any missed check-ins, and you're also rewarded...with money.  And who isn't motivated by money?

PowerWalk is another app I use.  This worked perfectly for me on the treadmill at the gym.  It's a 12 week walking program that takes you from a 25 minute walk to a 60 minute walk.  My goal for the end of this program is to increase to jogging once I can lose a bit more weight and increase my cardio.

One last reason I'm super happy is because I'm eating so much less these days.  Why does this make me happy?  Because food no longer makes me feel weighted down.  It no longer makes me feel bad about myself.  It no longer makes me feel anything but satisfied.  I don't look to food to fill a void, because I know it no longer will.  And this is a good thing.

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