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Life is good.  Life is BUSY.  I'm adjusting to my new schedule.  I am blessed enough to be able to work from home.  But, every morning, we get up and either head to the aquatic center to swim laps for an hour, or we hit the gym.  We alternate days, and it works out well because I don't wind up getting bored.  Truth be told, I would be just as happy swimming every day, but my husband loves the gym, so we compromise.  It'll be interesting to see how the schedule works once Bubby goes back to school in September.  God help me if my husband goes back onto day shift, because I don't know that I have the balls to swim all by my lonesome.  The gym is one thing..but the pool?  Aye.

So, I'm about 8 weeks out now from my surgery.  I'm learning to eat different foods and see how Godzilla takes them.  The other day I went to Subway and got a chopped salad.  Godzilla was NOT happy.  Guess it's too soon.  I didn't do lettuce, but I did do spinach and my other veggies.  It was really tasty, but not worth the grumbly in my tumbly.

I stalled for about 4 weeks, and that time was awful.  I've figured out that my weight loss equals about how many days it's been since my surgery, so overall, I'm losing about a pound a day, but I secretly wish it were more.  I've been pretty faithful with tracking in MFP. I also went and got a Fitbit Zip last night so I can track my steps and calories burned a bit more accurately.

Despite being stalled, I still lost some inches.  Not nearly as many as I did during the first month, but at least it was something.  All in all, since surgery, I have lost 38.5 total inches off of my body.  This is a very very good thing.  I am still so far from where I need to be, but I try not to look at that, but rather smaller mini goals.  My next goal is 60 pounds lost...then 75.  All of my pants are too big on me, but I'm not quite yet in the next size down, so that's another goal too.  Baby steps!

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