My 5K

So today was the day I have been looking forward to for months now; the Color Me Rad 5K. You may recall that back in October, I attempted my first 5K. I didn't finish it. I couldn't. I wasn't really exercising as much as I am now, and of course, I was only down about 90 pounds at that point, whereas now, I'm down about 160.  I've been trying to build up to 3 mile walks for a while now, so that going into my 5K, I know I'd be able to cover the distance.

Late last week, I threw my back out. I have pretty much been laid up for the past week. I didn't exercise or go to the gym at ALL this week. I went on a mile walk the other day with my son, and I had to stop and sit down twice because my back pain was just insane. I was so worried about today. I wasn't feeling very positive about it.

BUT IT WAS AWESOME! Oh my God, it was the most fun. If you're not familiar with Color Me Rad, it's an untimed fun run/walk. And there were more walkers that runners. We actually walked the entire race. There were people of every size, shape and color...it was truly awesome. You start off wearing white and as you make your way along the path, you get color bombed. First was yellow, then orange. We walked through the blue color bomb station, and I actually thought it was water at first, but it turns out, the blue bomb was liquid color. It came on like blue vomit, and looked disgusting, but lightened up and looked so cool. Then we walked through the pink, then purple stations. At the end, you go tot he finish line, and everyone gets a bag of color. You count down from 10, and everyone releases their bombs. It was a BLAST! I wish my son would of been there, because he would of has such a good time.  Here's some photos from today:

My hubby and I after the color bombing party!

Me, pre-race. If ever there was a photo to perfectly capture my personality, this would be it!

Pre 5K

Me, on the ride home.

I cannot WAIT to do this race again next year, hopefully with more people in tow. For real, this one would be a "more the merrier" type of event. If Color Me Rad comes to your city, DO IT!!!

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