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Running is pain...

Yesterday at the 5K, we walked. I would say, 98% of people walked it. It was nice, non-competitive and mostly, fun. As we were nearing mile 2, we passed a mom walking with her son. I'd say he was probably 6 or 7. He was complaining about it being hot (it wasn't, it was a lovely 70 degrees) and he must of mentioned something about being tired. His mom said to him "running is pain. You don't have to like it, you just need to do it. Mommy runs because she doesn't like being chubby."

At first I thought to myself, that's a great message. It really it. Running is pain. You run so you're not chubby. But then the more I thought about it, the more what she said irritated to me.

For me, yea, exercise can be painful. But it's not all of the time. If I'm lifting a new weight, or adding more reps, or working muscles I haven't worked in awhile, it hurts. And I always strength train to failure, so at the end, I'm like yep, done. But I'm not in pain. I'm just exhausted, and completely exerted. I may be sore the next day or two, but I'm not in pain. It's not what I would consider painful.

Yesterday, I didn't wear my running shoes. I knew I didn't want to risk staining them with the color bombs from the 5K, and I also knew there would be some stones and uneven ground to walk on and my running shoes have deep ridges I don't like getting stones and what not into.  Anyhow, I wore my regular gym sneakers (**more on this in a minute), and my feet were killing me. I could totally feel the difference in not having my normal running shoes on. But it wasn't painful.

So why did this lady have to associate pain with running? To me, that gives it such a negative vibe. It shouldn't be painful, in order for you to do it. I mean, if you've got joint problems or other issues, then yes, I can see how it would be painful. But wouldn't you logically pick another form of exercise? And also, trying to motivate my child, I've found that making things fun and positive motivates him. If I told my son "running is painful, we don't want to be chubby" he'd probably laugh in my face. I felt like this lady was fat shaming her son, who wasn't even fat. Maybe I'm just being picky, but it really kind of annoyed me.

Now, back to my shoes! I have a pair of hot pink Nike's that I only bought because they were pink. They are super comfortable though. The soles are not at all flexible. They're a very sturdy, solid shoe. They're lightweight and comfy, but not meant for walking or running. I use these sneakers for strength training days at the gym, and never ever for walking or jogging. I'll wear them on bike rides too. I have another pair of Nike's for walking and running. They are the most flexible, lightweight shoe I've ever owned. I was never one of "those" people who needed different gym shoes for different purposes. I thought people who did that were crazy, but it legit makes a HUGE difference. Maybe the above woman was in pain because of her shoes? I don't know....


My 5K

So today was the day I have been looking forward to for months now; the Color Me Rad 5K. You may recall that back in October, I attempted my first 5K. I didn't finish it. I couldn't. I wasn't really exercising as much as I am now, and of course, I was only down about 90 pounds at that point, whereas now, I'm down about 160.  I've been trying to build up to 3 mile walks for a while now, so that going into my 5K, I know I'd be able to cover the distance.

Late last week, I threw my back out. I have pretty much been laid up for the past week. I didn't exercise or go to the gym at ALL this week. I went on a mile walk the other day with my son, and I had to stop and sit down twice because my back pain was just insane. I was so worried about today. I wasn't feeling very positive about it.

BUT IT WAS AWESOME! Oh my God, it was the most fun. If you're not familiar with Color Me Rad, it's an untimed fun run/walk. And there were more walkers that runners. We actually walked the entire race. There were people of every size, shape and color...it was truly awesome. You start off wearing white and as you make your way along the path, you get color bombed. First was yellow, then orange. We walked through the blue color bomb station, and I actually thought it was water at first, but it turns out, the blue bomb was liquid color. It came on like blue vomit, and looked disgusting, but lightened up and looked so cool. Then we walked through the pink, then purple stations. At the end, you go tot he finish line, and everyone gets a bag of color. You count down from 10, and everyone releases their bombs. It was a BLAST! I wish my son would of been there, because he would of has such a good time.  Here's some photos from today:

My hubby and I after the color bombing party!

Me, pre-race. If ever there was a photo to perfectly capture my personality, this would be it!

Pre 5K

Me, on the ride home.

I cannot WAIT to do this race again next year, hopefully with more people in tow. For real, this one would be a "more the merrier" type of event. If Color Me Rad comes to your city, DO IT!!!

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Walking...and my bad back

Nearly 160 pounds ago, walking was hard. Before I was married to my ex-husband, I was working on losing weight and getting into shape. I moved in with him and my diet and exercise went to hell. And thus began my decade long weight gain, going from around 200 pounds, up to 317 when I had my baby, down to 250 after doing Weight Watchers, and then constantly fluctuating, up...down...up...down...up up up to the dreaded weight I was pre-op.  As I gained weight, my back pain became worse. It got to the point where I was throwing my back out all of the time, and I was afraid to lift anything because I didn't want to trigger spasms associated with my back pain. I'd walk around the store and my back would go numb from all the excess weight my body was carrying. It was so bad towards my surgery that even walking around the grocery store was a chore, and I'd do anything to avoid it.

Now, I walk as much as humanly possible. I love exercising, and love sweating, and love when my muscles are sore. It tells me that my body is working like it should be. Anyhow, last week, after my session with the new trainer, I was feeling really stiff and threw my back out. Normally, I'd be down and out for a few days, but I'm going on a week now, still in pain, and that ain't cool. I haven't been able to do my walking, which I was doing twice a day. I haven't gone to the gym, and I ridden my bike and I haven't swam. And I've had so much to do - we're moving in 1 week. ONE WEEK! I've got a house to pack, shit to toss, things to do and places to go. But I'm in pain. Oh, and did I mention my 5K Saturday?

Today before I got my son from school, I put on my gym clothes and decided today's the day - I'm going back out to my nature trail to walk. And I did. Except I was only able to do a mile. It took a little over 20 minutes, which is still on pace for myself - It usually takes me 50-55 minutes to do a 5K. We had to stop twice so I could sit down, which we never do. I feel like my entire spine is out of alignment, which sucks. I don't know WHY I'm still hurting, but it's so annoying :(

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Back Pain, Personal Training and a 5K

It has been a very long, hectic, crazy week.

First things first. I'm moving. In less than 2 weeks. It's sudden, we don't have but about 20 boxes packed so far, and I've got just a few days to try to find movers. To say I'm stressed out would be the fucking understatement of the year.  To make matters worse, I threw out my back last week, and I'm still hurting. Normally, I don't hurt for this long, so I don't know what I did, but it hurts.

I'm stressed out about my back, because for 1, I am trying to pack up a house. It's tough to move around, lift, bend and pack with back pain. For 2, I have a 5K on Saturday. I've been looking forward to this race for so long now. And I've been walking/jogging my ass off, trying to prepare. But, this past week, I haven't been able to do much of anything, other than use my TENS unit and sit on ice. I'm miserable.

And, I haven't been back to the gym. Here is how my scenario with the new trainer panned out. I was scheduled for my second session with him Thursday. I threw my back out that morning. Now, with my old trainer, I felt completely comfortable with her, and the last time I threw my back out I went to the gym. She worked with me to stretch me out, and massaged me with a rumble roller and a day or two later, I was completely better. I'm not comfortable with my new trainer yet, so I asked him to reschedule. Friday AM around 8, he texts me to tell me he can fit me in, in an hour. Seriously? I'm sorry, I cannot just leave work whenever I feel like, at an hours notice, to work out at the gym. So I replied that that wouldn't work, and did he have any time for me this week? Never heard a single thing back. And since we're not gelling together anyway, I'm not going to bother trying to chase his ass down just so we can half-assed work out.

I feel so fat and lazy, not having worked out much this past week. You have no idea. I feel like my old 368 pound self, and it's a disgusting feeling. My size 18 capris are falling off of me, but yet I still feel disgusting. I hate this feeling.

I don't mean to moan and bitch, but it's been a miserable week. All I wanna do is work with my old trainer, have her kick my ass, and go for a 3 mile walk. Is this too much to ask?

I am sad about how things worked out - or actually didn't work out, with this trainer. I want a trainer to care about me. One to push me. One to encourage me. One to cheer me on. Dan is not that for me. Theresa was that for me. Ugh, I'm still so bummed!!!!!

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I'm tired

I'm tired. Exhausted, really. And I don't just mean in the physical sense. Though, sure. I am tired in that sense. Today I worked with a new trainer at the gym, and he put me through the paces. Though now that I think back, we really didn't do a LOT, we just did a lot of body weight exercises and those are always tough. Working out, lifting 20 pound dumbbells is awesome an all, but working out, using your own body weight as resistance? I'll take that anyday! Ask me tomorrow how I feel about those side planks, though!

I'm tired. I'm tired of tuna fish. Yes, this is a completely random thought. I ate a packet of Starkist Lemon Pepper tuna after the gym today. I needed the protein, obviously. And I'm sick to death of tuna. SICK OF IT. It's easy and convenient. It's 80 calories, sure. It's tasty, ok I'll give you that too. But I AM SO SICK OF TUNA FISH. Ugh. It took everything I had in me to choke down my lunch today, seriously. It was that bad. I need to work out a decent menu plan for my week. If I liked cheese and eggs my life would be so much easier. Seriously. But alas, I do not like these things. So tuna, for now, you're my go-to guy!

I'm tired. I'm so sick of all these people on Facebook or Twitter or blogs or support boards who have lost weight and think they can tell everyone else what to do or how to eat. You know what? Here is my confession of the day (and actually, it's not a confession...it's a known fact if a) you know me and b) you follow me on IG). I AM ADDICTED TO STARBUCKS. Hopelessly addicted. I loooooove a skinny mocha. Hot, iced, I do not care. I love them. Sure, they've got carbs and sugar. And protein! And they're delicious. And did I mention that I'm addicted? But someone mentioned how people post stuff (like me, on IG, I'm sure, always posting my drinks) after they've had the surgery. You know what? In one year, I've lost just under 160 pounds. 160 MOTHER FUCKING POUNDS. You know. A regular size adult MAN? And I've done that working my ass off in the gym, cutting a load of bullshit out of my diet and yes, DRINKING STARBUCKS. I wish people would just SHUT THE FUCK UP. Sure, I bitch about people too. But the people I bitch about are the whiners who eat pizza and chips and say "ohhhhhh boo hoo why am I not losing weight?" Really? You don't know?  If you treat your body like a dumpster guess what you're going to feel like?

I'm tired. I didn't get enough sleep last night. Hubby and I binge watched Orange is the New Black all weekend long. I think we have like 3 episodes to go. Saturday was season 1. Sunday was the newly released season. I AM  LOVING THIS SHOW! Loooooove it!

I'm tired. So goodbye :)


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