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I'm tired

I'm tired. Exhausted, really. And I don't just mean in the physical sense. Though, sure. I am tired in that sense. Today I worked with a new trainer at the gym, and he put me through the paces. Though now that I think back, we really didn't do a LOT, we just did a lot of body weight exercises and those are always tough. Working out, lifting 20 pound dumbbells is awesome an all, but working out, using your own body weight as resistance? I'll take that anyday! Ask me tomorrow how I feel about those side planks, though!

I'm tired. I'm tired of tuna fish. Yes, this is a completely random thought. I ate a packet of Starkist Lemon Pepper tuna after the gym today. I needed the protein, obviously. And I'm sick to death of tuna. SICK OF IT. It's easy and convenient. It's 80 calories, sure. It's tasty, ok I'll give you that too. But I AM SO SICK OF TUNA FISH. Ugh. It took everything I had in me to choke down my lunch today, seriously. It was that bad. I need to work out a decent menu plan for my week. If I liked cheese and eggs my life would be so much easier. Seriously. But alas, I do not like these things. So tuna, for now, you're my go-to guy!

I'm tired. I'm so sick of all these people on Facebook or Twitter or blogs or support boards who have lost weight and think they can tell everyone else what to do or how to eat. You know what? Here is my confession of the day (and actually, it's not a confession...it's a known fact if a) you know me and b) you follow me on IG). I AM ADDICTED TO STARBUCKS. Hopelessly addicted. I loooooove a skinny mocha. Hot, iced, I do not care. I love them. Sure, they've got carbs and sugar. And protein! And they're delicious. And did I mention that I'm addicted? But someone mentioned how people post stuff (like me, on IG, I'm sure, always posting my drinks) after they've had the surgery. You know what? In one year, I've lost just under 160 pounds. 160 MOTHER FUCKING POUNDS. You know. A regular size adult MAN? And I've done that working my ass off in the gym, cutting a load of bullshit out of my diet and yes, DRINKING STARBUCKS. I wish people would just SHUT THE FUCK UP. Sure, I bitch about people too. But the people I bitch about are the whiners who eat pizza and chips and say "ohhhhhh boo hoo why am I not losing weight?" Really? You don't know?  If you treat your body like a dumpster guess what you're going to feel like?

I'm tired. I didn't get enough sleep last night. Hubby and I binge watched Orange is the New Black all weekend long. I think we have like 3 episodes to go. Saturday was season 1. Sunday was the newly released season. I AM  LOVING THIS SHOW! Loooooove it!

I'm tired. So goodbye :)

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