This is gonna be a short post...but I just wanted to share a few small NSV's that I've experienced here lately.

1.  ALL the pants I own/wear in regular rotation are too big for me.  I either need to stop being lazy and clean my closet, and see what else is in there for me to wear, get a belt (yuck, hate belts), or go shopping.  My most favorite pair of capris either is completely un-wearable.  They completely fall down when I walk.  Woo hoo!

2.  I was able to finally move up the driver's seat a few inches in my van.  It was never my belly that was in the way, but my fucking ginorma ass.  My big butt is always the trouble!

3.  I didn't get out of breath on the treadmill today at the gym.  I got on, did my 2nd day Power Walk app walk, and it was fine.  Never once was I out of breath.  VICTORY.

4.  I actually CRAVE exercise now.  I know tomorrow morning is pool day.  And there are no words for how excited I am.  I would live in the water if I was able to.  Now that my son will be home next week, I'll swim every day.  My husband doesn't like to miss the gym - which I can give or take.  Swimming is where my heart is at.  I wish I were swimming this very second.  Ahh I love it!  And also, I have to say, I'm a lot more comfortable walking around that aquatic center in my bathing suit than I thought I'd be.  I've adopted an "I don't give a flying fuck" attitude.  If you don't wanna see the cellulite on my thighs, my big floppy arms, my ass and belly, then don't look at me.  It's that simple.  :)

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