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The Devil and His Headaches

Prior to my weight loss surgery, I used to get frequent headaches.  Frequent meaning at least 3 days a week.  I used to miss a lot of work because of my migraines.  I would get them and just wouldn't be able to function.  I would notice things like not getting enough sleep gave me a headache....getting too much sleep gave me a headache...having too much caffeine gave me a headache...not having enough caffeine gave me a headache...

I never considered that anything in my diet was contributing to headaches.  I just didn't ever think about it, honestly.

Once I started my liver reduction diet, I stopped drinking Diet Coke and Cherry Coke - my two biggest vices on this planet.  Also, I obviously stopped eating the sweets I was addicted to - mainly chocolate.  So right there, I was ditching caffeine and sugar.  What also stopped was my headaches.  I wasn't feeling like utter crap on Monday mornings, my head was clear!  It was great.

And until then, I hadn't had a headache, until I woke up today.  I was laying in bed thinking to myself, what on earth made my head hurt?  I've not had caffeine...or carbs really...or sugar....

oh.  wait.


I DID have some sugar.  And I have been so used to not having it, and knowing what I was putting into my body that I didn't even consider to read the label of something new I had tried.  Dammit.

So I've been struggling with protein big time, and just needed something new, so I grabbed some Slim Fast ready to drink shakes.  Uh yea.  These little bottles of poison are LOADED with sugar...taking a look at the label we have: sugar, fructose, HFCS, maltodextrin, sucralose...and then at the bottom in bold it reads "sweetened with nutritive and nonnutritive sweeteners"

So, yuck.  This explains my headache today.  Over a month of going sugar free and then bam.  A cocktail of crap.

How could I be so stupid to not even read the frikkin label?  Seriously...

This just goes to show that for the rest of my life, I need to take the time to read and pay more attention to what's going into my body.  Because the honest truth is that I feel like utter crap right now with this headache.  I did not miss feeling this way every single day, honestly.  Who would??

Also, I'm really annoyed, because I'm at the infamous week 3 stall.  I've been stalled for about a week now.  I was thoroughly enjoying losing a pound a day...I was feeling so successful, and I was feeling like the pain from surgery was worth it....and giving up all my favorite foods was worth it.  Until I stalled.  Now I feel like an epic failure.  I know that it supposedly happens to everyone, but when the scale isn't moving, and I'm eating SO little, I feel like something is wrong with me.  This sucks!!!

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