Things I Miss...

There are certain things that I really miss about my "former" life.  More than a big fajita bowl at Chipotle...more than Buffalo chicken fingers...more than pizza dipped in ranch....more than ooey gooey brownies...I miss ice cold water.  I miss my big 1 liter bottle of ice water that I'd crack open every morning and finish by break time at work.  I miss being able to open the top and just chug a few big gulps back and feel refreshed.  I miss how crisp and clean water used to taste to me.  I miss it!  I miss water sooooo much.  I miss it more than diet coke, or cherry coke, or a mocha frap from Starbucks, or hell, even more than an iced mocha latte from Tim Hortons.  I am miserable without my water!

I just want to climb right inside a big glass and swim around.  Which brings me to the next thing I miss....swimming.  Growing up, we had a pool and it was the best thing ever.  Nothing makes you feel more weightless than a pool.  And I miss that feeling.  I've been trying to find a reasonably priced public pool for me and my son to go to this summer; just so I can go and swim laps.  But, this also brings forth the problem, me wearing my bathing suit in public.  Like seriously?  Why on earth am I even remotely considering subjecting myself to that torture?  Because swimming feels frikkin awesome, that's why.  And because I don't give a rats ass what anyone thinks about me.  They don't know where I am on my journey, dammit.

Other random things I miss...

Hershey's chocolate bars, specifically with almonds.
Vegetables.  Corn.  I made my son corn for dinner and wanted to eat it all up!
Raw veggies too!  I've got 2 pounds of baby carrots in my refrigerator that I'd murder to eat.
Eating like I used to.  If only I could...without the consequences.  

So now I'll ask...what do YOU miss?

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