OMFG...the burn

Ugh, not having a good time today with the heartburn.  There are days when it's just today. The last time I got hit with the major heartburn bug, I had pureed some chicken, and added pasta sauce and melted parm cheese on top to make a chicken parm puree.  I ate half of it and then Godzilla decided nope, no tomatoes for you today sister.  And I was done.  That night, and the following day, my heartburn was frikkin BRUTAL.

It's been bearable since then.  Every once in awhile, I'll eat a Tums or two after a meal, just to calm things down.  But today, nothing is working.

Last night, I opened a can of chili and pureed it.  I ate one bite and felt the burn the whole way down.  I thought ok, maybe one more bite, just to be sure.  Yea, I was sure.  And the chili wound up going into the freezer.  The only thing that I think can maybe be causing this major flare up today is 1) the Crystal Light pink lemonade I've been drinking and/or 2) all the lemon pepper tuna fish I've been eating.  All that acid...cannot be good.  But I've been consuming these things for the past few days, so why now?  I can't even get my pureed beef stew down right now, because it just burns.

It's a damn good thing I enjoy the delicious calcium infused Tums.  Because without these puppies, I'd be screwed.  I'm glad I see my surgeon on Friday - I really need to up my PPI.  It's 20mg, and I'm not sure if I should increase that, or go to twice a day, but something has got to give.  I will pay whatever it costs to tame this fire in my chest. :/

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