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Product Review: Quest Protein Bar - Apple Pie

In my never-ending "Quest" (ha!!) to find the perfect protein source, I stumbled upon these bars.  I had read a lot of reviews and posts about them over at Obesity Help.  I thought, well, if so many people like these, they must be good.  Of course, that same line of thinking is why I have a tub of Unjury collecting dust in my kitchen.  But I digress.  This bar was a much less expensive investment to try.

First of all, I love apple pie.  Cold, room temperature, heated...I don't discriminate.  I love it.  So I was the most excited to try this flavor.  I have a few other flavors to try, but this one...this one was gonna be money, I just knew it.

Apparently, there are only 6 non-fiber grams of carbs in these bars.  I still don't have a firm grasp on carbs -vs- net carbs, and in My Fitness Pal, I count all carbs.  But, I do feel better knowing that truly, I did not consume 24g of carbs in eating this bar.

The first thing that I noticed about the bar is how dense it is.  It's really chewy, and well, dense.  I've heard that you can microwave it for a few seconds and it's supposed to be heavenly.  That's something I'll have to try next time.  I was already logged into work on my lap top and honestly, too lazy to get up and heat it.  Besides, I was enjoying it as is.  So, it's dense and chewy.  But then, oh.my.gosh...yes!  Real pieces of apple!  It was a nice change from the typical protein bar that's coated in a nasty-ass faux chocolate.  There's none of that here.  

This bar gets a 9 out of 10.  For sure.  This will be my go-to bar of choice.  It was refreshing with the apple, and you definitely cannot argue with 20g of protein.  Very good flavor, no funky smell, no funky aftertaste.  This one is definitely a winner and will for sure be going into my protein bar rotation.

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