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So because I'm bored and putting off work right now, I'm going to tell you a bit about me.  On the front page of my blog, the title is  "Changed Gurl", and in my tag line, it reads "Here I Am...Changed."  If anyone here reading is a fan of Rascal Flatts, they will recognize this.  If you're not a fan, go to Spotify or YouTube and give them a listen.  

The three men of Rascal Flatts; Gary, Jay and JoeDon, are my idols and my heroes and my inspiration.  It sounds a bit crazy; they're just three men in a band.  But to me, they are much more than that.  I have been fortunate enough, and blessed, to meet them several times.  Getting a hug from your idol is nothing short of awesome.  Their music has touched my life in ways that I cannot explain, so I no longer try to.  I just love what I hear, I love their message, and I love how I feel when I'm standing in the pit at one of their shows, singing along to every word.  It sounds  obsessive, and maybe to some it is.  But they just touch me, and inspire me.  

Last winter I had gotten a Rascal Flatts tattoo, and last July got to go backstage at their show in Cleveland.  It was so cool, talking to them, and having Jay stop and pause and admire my tattoo.  

Anyhow, in April of 2012, they released the album "Changed" and the song of the same name is the first song on the CD.  The song just means so much, inspires so much in me.  I cannot wait until my transformation is complete, so I can get my "Changed" tattoo.  They have inspired me to live better, be better, strive to do better.  

Back to weight was puree day!  For breakfast, I had my protein shake with 1/4 banana.  It was utterly delicious, but the banana gave me heartburn.  I don't think it was ripe enough.  I could taste that "unripe" banana flavor all morning long in my throat.  For lunch I nuked a Smart Ones turkey medallions and mashed potatoes.  The turkey and gravy got pureed.  I have to admit, it looked and smelled like baby shit, but it tasted wonderful.  I was able to eat a tablespoon.  The mashed potatoes were good too, but I could only do about a teaspoon of those.  Godzilla, my rumble tumbly, started to grumble and I knew it was time to stop eating.  I'm pretty sure I'll try the same for dinner tonight.  Don't want that delicious turkey going to waste!

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