I am sleeved!

Wow, finally.  I'm sleeved.  Thursday morning I woke up and I wasn't as nervous as I feared I'd be.  We got the hospital and only waited around 20 minutes or so before they called me back.  I got into my gown, got some bloodwork drawn and got a couple shots in my tummy  It was a catholic hospital where I had my surgery, so a nun came over to pray over me, which I have to admit, I much welcomed.  My surgeon came to talk to me, and he let me know that he'd be doing a liver biopsy while I was under because my blood work was showing elevated liver enzymes.  

I waited a bit longer, sweating my ass off in this heated gown (which sucked) chilling with my hubby.  I wasn't nervous or anxious - I was just ready.

Anesthesia came to talk to me, and then we were off.  I kissed my husband and wished like hell it would just be over fast, and it was.  The only thing I remember is the freezing cold OR, and them getting me onto the table.  I don't even remember a mask or anything...

To be honest, I don't remember much about recovery either.  I do remember getting off of the bed in the hallway to get into my room, and my gown didn't tie in the back, so I mooned half the floor, and didn't give a shit.

The first night, the pain was truly kept at bay.  I kicked my husband out of my room at 9pm so he would go eat some dinner and get some rest.  I was given a pitcher of ice water and chips and that was my savior.  I slept like crap, but kept hitting my pain button.  My room was like a sauna and I was miserable.  By 4 am I was begging for a drink, but all I got were these green mint swabs, that while they did the trick, they also made me nauseaus.

Finally, it was time to go for my swallow test.  The nurse who wheeled me down was a former bariatric patient, who looked amazeballs.  I'll be happy to look like her someday.

I think my surgeon was in my room by 9, and I was home by 1, napping.

First few days was hell, painful, gassy, miserable.  Each day gets better.

I'm excited to eat some broth later.  I tried protein with skim milk this morning, but I have lactose issues so I think I'm sending hubby to the store tomorrow for some unsweetened almond milk.  Other then that, I'm progressing.     The first couple days I was cursing my stupidity for doing this to my body, but now I'm gradually getting/feeling better.  I'm only taking pain meds once per day, I'm off of my nausea meds, and the only thing I'm taking is half my blood pressure meds and the meds for esophageal spasms, which seems to help when I get those nasty gas bubbles. 

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