Liver Reduction Diet, Day 3

So I hear the first 3 days are toughest.  I pray that's correct.  Last night I had a binge/purge dream.  I've NEVER purged.  Ever.  I've binged, but never vomited.  So in my dream, I was eating gobs of stuff; ahh and peanut butter!  I miss peanut butter!  So anyway, in my dream, I used my toothbrush to gag myself to vomit.  Except, I inhaled or did something wonky, and my toothbrush got lodged in my esophagus, and I had to call 911, but I couldn't speak, so I ran upstairs to get my husband and I couldn't wake him up.  It was awful.  I miss food.

So today, I worked from home.  I have been wicked lightheaded today.  Like, all day.  And I'm exhausted.  It's amazing how much your diet affects your sleep schedule.  I haven't even yet had 500 calories today.  This is ridiculous.  I can't stop thinking about meat.  I have to stop blogging right now, because my head is pounding and my stomach is grumbling and I'm fucking miserable :/

And.  No.  All that fattening bullshit I ever stuffed my face with?  NOT WORTH IT.

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