Houston, we have liftoff.

And by liftoff, I mean a surgery date.  Holy shit.  I'm feeling completely, utterly overwhelmed at the moment.  I need some time for this to sink in.  I submitted for approval on the 24th.  Last night I was checking out my insurance website and finally saw the pre-auth on there.  I checked today and it was gone, so I had a mini heart attack.  However, I checked my surgeon's web site and saw that my patient portal was turned blue for insurance approval (blue means done), and green for surgery scheduling (green means pending).  So, I called my health insurance company to verify.  Everyone there I spoke to had been so nice, congratulating me.  So, then I called my surgeon's office.  I asked about my approval and it was just sent over to them today.  Get this.  The lady on the phone told me that the scheduler would call me tomorrow to schedule and I said that was cool.  Well, she goes "oh hold on, it looks like we have you in the books for MAY 16TH."  MAY FUCKING 16th!  That's two weeks from today.  TWO WEEKS!  omg omg omg omg omg omg omg.

Yea, I'm panicking.  Not because I'm not ready, but because holy fuck it's here!  It's here!  I go in tomorrow for my pre-op appointment and Saturday will begin my liver reduction diet.  Holy fecking hell.  This is happening.  

I'm feeling every range of emotion.  Happy this is happening.  Nervous about the outcome.  Scared for surgery.  Mad that I ever let myself get this big.  It's everything wrapped up into one, which means tomorrow I'll have a migraine, because that's what happens when I get emotional.

Wow.  Just wow.  It's happening people!

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