"You're Fat"

Know what I've learned in my 38 years on this planet? When someone wants to insult you, they'll go for the jugular. They'll pick the one thing about you, physically, that they don't like, and use that as their ammo.

I think back to all of the times throughout school that I was bullied.  I was never bullied because I was tall, or had long, curly hair, or wore a lot of Grateful Dead t-shirts.  I was never bullied because I was smart, or smoked, or was a choir nerd.  I was bullied because I was fat.  

How do I know?  

Because, every single time I was bullied, I heard words like "fat ass", "whale", "tub-o-lard", "pig", "hippo", "heifer", "fat bitch".....

Etc, etc, etc.

It was ALWAYS  a dig at my weight.  Always.  It happened in elementary school.  It happened in middle school.  It happened in high school.

It only happened in college once.  For the most part, people were far more mature in college and much more accepting of me.  They accepted me for me, and didn't snub me because I was fat.  With the exception of one idiot, but he flunked out, so who is the idiot now?

My ex-husband did and still does bully me about my weight.  The irony is that he, himself, was always bullied for his weight and before his gastric bypass was obese himself.

When he argues with me, he'll IMMEDIATELY go for the kill.  Oh, ok, fat ass.  Or when he's referring to me, it's never as his ex-wife, I'm always "that fat pig of an ex-wife."  I will never be just the ex-wife.  He needs to make himself feel better about himself, and his sad life, so he has to insult me.  

I'm sorry, but people who act like this are pathetic to me.  Simply pathetic.  Hate me because I'm an outspoken bitch.  Hate me because I speak my mind and don't have a lot of tact.  Hate me because I'm REALLY honest and I WILL tell you when that dress makes your ass look fat.  Hate me because I love too much.  Hate me because I'm loud.  Hate me because I drive like a maniac.  

But hate me because I'm fat?  Really?

Honey, if that's the best you've got, I hate to tell you, but you've got nothing.

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