Know what nobody tells you when you're super obese?  Just how much damage you're doing to your skin.  Know what EVERYBODY tells you when you're losing weight?  They tell you about their loose skin.  

I was never a person who thought I wouldn't have loose skin.  I have been obese my entire life, and I'm 38 years old.  I've been stretching out this skin suit for nearly 4 decades now. I've got the stretch makes on my boobs and arms and belly. I've stretched my skin to its capacity.  So, I kinda knew I'd have loose skin. But, I didn't realize how much it would irritate me.

I first noticed loose, wrinkly skin under my neck. I didn't have a double chin, I had a fucking triple chin.  My face was huge.  See?

So, once I lost that, I had leftover skin where all that fat used to be.  I am probably the most self conscious about this loose skin, because it's the most visible to every one I encounter.  However, I'll take that skin over that fat face any day!!

My second sore spot would be my arms.  My arms prior to surgery were huge.  You ever see a fat person with fat rolls on their upper arms?  Yea, I had that.  They were huge. HUGE.  I'm disgusted I allowed myself to just eat and eat and eat and get so fat that I hate my body the way I did, but what's done is done.  Now that I'm losing fat in my arms and gaining muscle, my arms are just horrible. Even wearing a short sleeve shirt now bothers me, because it's that noticeable.  I'd choose to fix my arms first, with plastic surgery, before I would fix anything else.  Honestly.

The other day after my shower, I caught a side glimpse of my boobs in the mirror.  Prior to surgery, I was a 46D.  I had a big rack.  Well duh.  That's because tits are fat.  So yea, the fatter I got, the bigger my boobs got.  That was probably the only benefit to being a big girl.  Big girls!!  Now that I'm rid of 145 pounds, my boobs have shrunk quite a bit. I don't even know my real bra size at the moment, but the last time I measured, my band size measurement was a 39 so.....yea.  I've lost a lot of inches in the boobs.

My tummy now...it's just gross.  And wrinkly.  It's not that bad, because the only person who sees it is my husband, and he doesn't care. So, until it becomes a major issue for me, I'm good.

Another major problem area that I've noticed is my thighs.  My upper thighs have always been huge.  I have so much cellulite on my thighs.  But now I've also got a lot of loose skin on my inner thighs.  This bothers me a lot too because I go to the pool in a bathing suit and all that shit is hanging out.  I shouldn't care, but I do.  I feel like inside this fat suit there is a skinny girl begging to get out.  

I bought a pair of size 18 jeans the other day that fit, and tried on a pair of 16's I had in my closet and those fit too.  She's in there...this thinner version of me.  But now, she is trapped in a fat suit and I don't like it at all.  

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