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Check one off my bucket list...

One thing that has been on my bucket list, while losing weight, is to be able to shop like a normal person. For instance, I've been lusting after those cute Pink pants from Victoria's Secret. I've wanted to be able to wear something from that place FOREVER. Everything there is so cute, so girly. But, being an obese woman, I wouldn't even dream of going into that store before. It would just be humiliating.

One of my friends sent me a gift in the mail today, and I have to admit, I had a really good laugh when I opened it. Inside my package was a pair of boyfriend lounge pants. FROM VICTORIA'S SECRET. But, it doesn't stop there. What makes this story even funnier is that these are not a size XL. Nope. These pants are a size L. L as in Large. L as in "holy shit there is no way they will fit you, you gigantic lady".

So, I took my pants upstairs, locked myself in the bedroom and took a deep breath.  One leg in, the other leg in, up over the butt. HOLY-SHIT-THESE-PANTS-FIT-ME-WHAT-KIND-OF-ALTERNATE-UNIVERSE-IS-THIS-THAT-THESE-SIZE-LARGE-PANTS-FIT-ME?!?!?!


Size Large.

From Victoria's Secret.

This is my life now. And while it's completely awesome, I still cannot wrap my head around it. Not only do I get to cross something off of my bucket list, but let's just go ahead and add "wear something in a size large" on my list and cross that off too.

Me.  Wearing Victoria's Secret.  Wow.

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