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Couch to 5K

So last October, after not even yet 100 pounds of weight loss, I thought to myself, hey, I want to run a 5K.  It was something that was always on my bucket list. I envy runners. They always look so free, as they run along. They inspire the ever-living hell out of me. They make me want to be more fit. I watched the finish line footage from the Boston Marathon for quite some time and was in awe of every single one of those kick ass people.

I didn't train for my 5K. I started to, but then I began working with my personal trainer and cardio took a back seat. Actually, I was pretty much only doing swimming as my cardio, and just working on strength training in the gym.  So, I got in no training. When 5K day came around, I was ill prepared. I made it around the course once (which was 2.7 miles), and didn't wind up finishing. 

Today, I decided ok, it's time to begin training again, because I've got a 5K coming up at the end of June and another one in August, and this time, I want to kick its ass.  One of the big problems I've had with wanting to start to run is fat and loose skin. It shakes and shimmies and claps for me, and this is noooooo good.  A friend of mine told me about compression wear from Old Navy. Friday I went to check it out, and wound up getting a few compression tops and capris. I tucked my compression top into my capris and pulled up the pants to keep everything covered, and threw a tee on over that.  I'm happy to say that everything stayed in place today, no cheering from the fat/skin section.  That's victory number 1.  Victory number 2 was completely day 1 week 1 of Couch to 5K today.

I feel amazing.  Like, super amazing.  

This smile should tell you how amazing I feel after getting that done today.  I had to have a friend pop-talk me into trying to even do it. I am always so afraid of failure. I'm afraid to try things, because I think well why bother, I've always tried before and have yet to be successful.  Fuck that way of thinking!  It's gotten me nowhere.  I punched fear in the face today!

I'll admit, I was REALLY scared to try. And scared of people on the bike path watching me, but after my first round of jogging I stopped caring. So what if people watch me? I'm out there, moving my ass, and I'm at least trying, which is more than the people at home sitting on the couch are doing.  I feel soooooo accomplished today and it's an awesome feeling!

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