I think one of the biggest obstacles I will need help overcoming is how to deal with food cravings.  Obviously, once I'm sleeved, I won't be able to hit Five Guys and have a big ass burger and a large fry.  Nor will I be able to go to Chipotle and have a big fajita bowl and bag of chips.  My stomach won't hold that volume of food.  I can try to pack it in, but I'll vomit.  Or worse, tear my new sleeve and develop a leak.  The silly thing is, I don't even know why I'm already worrying about this, because I haven't even met with my surgeon yet.  But, they are things that are in the back of my mind.

Take for instance tonight.  We ate leftover pizza for dinner.  I made my lunch for work tomorrow (chicken salad with celery and lite mayo, whole grain bread, celery stick and cherry tomatoes, a handful of triscuits, and sugar free jello).  And then, I had this wicked craving for chocolate.  Perhaps I'm getting ready to start - it's a very good possibility.  But the craving was just awful until I ate some chocolate.  This is something I'm going to have to work on...big time.

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