My brain is swimming....

Wow.  So, today I met with my bariatric surgeon.  My head feels like it's on information overload, but in a good way.  We discussed the vertical sleeve surgery, as well as gastric bypass.  I was completely sold on VSG.  I've been totally obsessed with watching YouTube videos of the surgeries, and I've been around on the message boards just obsessed with learning all I can about the sleeve.  This morning I was in the shower just randomly thinking, and it occurred to me how permanent the sleeve is.  Once they remove that 85% hunk of your stomach, it's gone forever.  You can never put it back, it's just gone.  What happen if something happens down the road and you need that part of your stomach for something?  What happens if you get something like stomach cancer?   What the hell do you do??  

Not that I'm totally swayed from having the sleeve...

We discussed both options and why both procedures are good options for me.  I'm still leaning towards the sleeve, but I do have to discuss things with my husband and figure out which one is for me.  The dr. did ask about heartburn.  I do have heartburn every so often, so I've got to have an endoscopy done to be sure there's no hernias or anything like that.  In that case, the roux-en-y is a better option for me.  I guess in mind, the sleeve is so simple; pop a few holes in my belly, staple my stomach, remove and recover.  With the roux-en-y, there's moving this and replacing freaks me out.  But, I just need to educate, educate and educate!  

I left feeling good though.  When I got to the office, the dr. himself was at the front desk on the phone with a patient, and he just smiled at me and waved, just totally reassured me that I was at the right place.  He did indicate that per my health insurance, they do require a supervised diet.  Come to find out, they do consider Weight Watchers supervised, and I've done that so often...I just have to gather all my weight in books so we can submit that.  So, it was a good, educational day!  Now, I have tons to think about!

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