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The Dr.

I have ALWAYS hated going to the doctor.  Always.  Every time I'd go to the doctor, it'd be the same exact thing.  You're too fat.  What will you do to lose this weight?  It got to the point where I'd not go for anything.  I could be lying on the floor bleeding and I'd avoid the doctor.

Right after I gave birth to my son I had to go to the ER, because I was having trouble breathing.  I remember the nurse weighed me (in front of my ex-husband) and her scale only went up to 300 pounds.  So she loudly said "honey just how much do you weigh?  My scale won't go any higher."  So yea, that sucked.

I'd go to the doctor for an illness or some reason, and instead of treating me or my problem, they'd discuss my weight.  Like really?  I went to my GYN for a yeast infection and she asked me about my weight.  Listen heifer, give me some fucking cream for my vagina and lay off.  Really.

Sorry, I'm bitter.

Oh!  But not as bitter as the time I saw an ENT for reoccurring strep throat.  The Dr. looked at my tonsils, then at me, and said "wow, you're really porked out, aren't you?"  I didn't even know what to say to that, I was in such shock.

But, it's not so bad, going anymore.  When I went for a check up this morning with my PCP instead of my weight being a negative topic of conversation, it was very positive.  He was super excited by my progress.  Thrilled.  My blood pressure?  It's normal.  My cholesterol is going down.  My fasting blood sugar was awesome.  I've never gone and had everything be on point.  I've never had a doctor smile when he looked at my weight.  So it felt good.  REALLY really good!

I'm a happy girl today :)

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