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Lately, I've been feeling pretty meh about my weight loss.  I've lost and re-gained the same 5 pounds over...and over...and over again.  This happens ALL.OF.THE.DAMN.TIME. It's so frustrating and it just makes me want to SCREAM!  But, instead, I kick it a little harder at the gym, and eat a little bit more or less, depending on my exercise, and it works itself out.

As of this AM, I've lost 125.8 pounds.  I'm happy with that.  To get to goal, I've got like another 80 to go.  Which means I'm well over halfway there.  But it still seems to far away.  I'd LOVE to be under 200 when I hit my 1 year surgiversary, but who knows.

Here is how my measurements compare from May 3rd, which was 2 weeks pre-op, to now.

I have lost the following inches:
3.5" in my neck
1" off of each wrist
2.75" off of each forearm
2.75" off of each elbow
4" off of each bicep
12.5" off of my waist
10.5" off of my hips
10.75" off of my chest (around the band of my bra)
10.25" off of the fullest part of my chest
7.25" off of each thigh
4.5" off of each calf
2.5" off of each ankle

This amounts to an ass load of inches.  97 inches overall.  That is over 8 feet.  Now look at that photo and tell me if you can tell I've lost 8 feet.  Nope, me neither.  God dammit that sucks balls so hard!!!

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