I belong to several support groups on Facebook, for folks who've had weight loss surgery, and other various support groups online.  There's a term floating around out there for those who weigh less, but have still had weight loss surgery; lightweights.  I know one girl who was a size 16 and had bariatric surgery.  She weight 184 lbs.  Are you fucking kidding me?  She was a SIZE 16, AND 184 POUNDS?  And she needed weight loss surgery?  

I have a major problem with this.  I really do, and I don't mean to sound bitter, but I call bullshit.  I've heard so many lightweights say "I know the same struggles as anyone else." No.  No you do not.  You do not know the struggle of carrying 200 extra pounds on your body.  You do not have the same issues buying clothes.  You don't have the same struggle of moving around, or fitting in tight spaces.  You know NOTHING about the struggle of being someone who is classified as "morbidly obese."  I know I sound like such a bitch, but to hear those lightweights complain, I just want to smack them.  Shut up.  You're under 200 pounds.  Do you know how close you are to your goal?  Seriously?  It just frustrates me and certain people have pushed my bitch button today.

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