Bite this

So this happened today.  Delicious, moist chocolate cupcake, rich buttercream frosting. And ugh what a tummy ache.

Today we had my son's 11th birthday party.  I figured well, instead of ordering a gigantic cake, I'll just get some cupcakes.  I ate most of this bad boy earlier today.  370 calories. That's a fuck ton of time I'll need to spend on the treadmill burning it off.  I'm afraid to weigh myself tomorrow morning, because I know what's going to happen.

Worse than eating this came the disgusted feeling of guilt.  Like, it's ridiculous how guilty I feel over a fucking cupcake.  It's one cupcake.  And I feel horrible that I allowed myself to eat it.  I rarely if ever eat sweets anymore.  The old me would of eaten 6 cupcakes by now, easy peasy.  But I just feel awwwwwful for eating this.  Lesson learned!!

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