So today, I am just annoyed and bitchy.

I'm so sick of all these people on the Facebook VSG groups and weight loss boards who are all "oh my god, I just cheated on my pre-op diet....this is so hard."  And then the comments "oh girl, it's ok, if you cheat just cheat small".  Or "surgery is two weeks away, don't stress out about it."  

How about this?  Don't cheat.  It's hard.  That's why you're having surgery.  Because you suck at following diets.  Don't cheat.  Why?  Because if your surgeon opens you up and your liver isn't shrunk, guess what happens?  Is it totally wrong of me to just wish one of these women would get open and not have their sleeve done?  Because I think that would be hilarious.  Told you I'm a bitch today.

Also.  Today I saw my father and step-mother for the first time in well over a year.  Since that time, I have lost over 120 pounds.  Neither one of them noticed.  Actually, my dad was shocked when I mentioned that I swim 3 days a week and hit the gym the other 3 days.  And still.  So now, I've come to the conclusion that those fat thoughts in my head are real.  You really CAN'T tell I've lost weight.  My husband thinks I'm full of crap.  But the truth is, the only people who notice are those who know I've had surgery.  So of course they're being polite.  Ugh it just sucks that even after losing 120 pounds, you cannot tell.  At all.  This leaves me super discouraged.

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