I love jeans.  Love love love jeans.  The only time I can remember not really wearing jeans was after my son was born.  I had an awful c-section, a bad infection from that c-section and just was fat and sore.  So I wore baggy sweat pants like, all the time.  Also, when I was married to my ex-husband, I wasn't allowed to be too feminine or wear makeup because who knows why.  It's a long complicated mess I don't feel like discussing at the moment.  About 10 months after my son was born, I talked my ex into joining Weight Watchers with me.  After losing 45 pounds, I started to wear jeans again, because I could.  And they felt good, and let's face it, they ALWAYS look better than baggy sweat pants do.  Always.

As my weight dropped them climbed then dropped then climbed, one thing remained the same: I never went back to sweats, I always stayed in jeans.  I thought, if I can wear jeans, I must not be as big as I think I am.  I mean, they only make them so big right?  And I'd justify that as my 24's became snug and I needed to go up to a 26.  And when those became too tight, and I crept into 28's, I said the same thing "well, they make them in my size, so I must not be THAT fat".  Bahaha.  Yea, right.

Anyhow, once my weight started to come off after surgery, and my jeans got looser, I decided to keep the pair of my largest ones, so I could always look back at it.  In the photo above?  Size 28's.  The most comfy jeans I have ever owned.  I miss these jeans.  I put them on the other day just to see how they'd fit, and the results were hilarious.  Not only do they not fit, they don't even stay up anymore without me holding on to them. And, I love that.  It shows real progress and this makes me very very happy. Sometimes,when I feel like my weight loss has slowed down, or like I haven't come far, I'll take a photo like this as a reminder that I HAVE come far!

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