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Pizza and Me

Meh.  I'm not so sure that I can tell that I've lost 100 pounds.  I thought it would look so much better than it does.  I just expected more.  I know I started out really heavy, but come on.  100 pounds is huge.  but it doesn't look huge.  So depressing.

Tonight for dinner,we ate pizza.  Let me tell you about me and pizza.  Prior to surgery, we would order it at least once a week.  It was my favorite food.  Pizza with chicken wings was ever better.  Pizza dipped in ranch?  Like heaven.  We had a free pizza coupon from Papa John's so I said fuck it...it's Halloween...I have to work tonight, let's just order a pizza.  So, we grabbed it and brought it home.  I put the glorious piece of pizza on my plate and noticed how greasy it looked, so I dabbed it with my napkin.  I ate 3/4 of a slice and was full - completely satisfied.  (But I don't lie...I ate another piece for my snack.)

I feel like crap.  I feel like I cheated.  I feel like hell.  I feel like the carbs are just on overload right now.  Too much fat.  Too much grease.  And allow me to tell you - without those chicken wings, without that ranch, without those two glasses of ice cold Diet Coke, dinner just sucked.  I rather would of had a chicken breast and an ice water.  Honestly. The pizza did nothing for me.  I will remember this the next time I have a craving.  And this is good.

What's bad?  How hard I'm going to have to bust my ass at the gym tomorrow to burn off that nearly 700 calories of fucking pizza I just ate today.  GROSS.

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