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Halfway there...

I'm halfway to my desired weight loss.  I've lost 101 pounds so far.  I guess it's ok for almost 6 months.  I see my surgeon next week and I'll find out if he's pleased with my progress, or not so happy.  I have no idea what he'll be thinking.

I have realized that I am halfway to my goal.  I went into this knowing I'd ideally like to lose 200 pounds.  When I started my journey, that seemed like such a daunting figure. Now that I'm halfway there, it still does.  I'm not so sure I'll be able to lose another 100.  I've worked hard for this.  I work hard all the time at the gym and the pool.

I'm a rockstar at the gym, though.  My personal trainer takes me into the "muscle head" section of the gym - the place I always avoided because I can't stand "those" guys.  The big goofy muscle heads who stare at themselves in the mirror while they flex.  I hate them all.  And I've never felt comfortable near those people.  And now I'm working out side by side next to them.  That's right.  I'm at the squat rack, and I'm one of those people who stands looking in the mirror when I do my squats or calf raises to be sure my form is correct.  Ugh!

Anyhow, I've heard that weight loss the first 6 months comes easy, and after that, it's a struggle.  This worries me, because I've been a super slow loser, and I seem to get easily discouraged by this.

I'm prepared to kick up my exercise.  I can't wait for this tattoo to finish healing so I can hit the pool hard again.  I've REALLY missed it, but I've been good and put in extra gym time.  I've even gone to the gym alone - by my frikkin self - when my hubby couldn't go with me, and that's something I never ever would of done before.

I'm looking forward to dropping the next 100 pounds - I just hope it doesn't take forever. :/

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