I Told Him

So, here lately I've been obsessing over weight loss surgery.  I've been on the internet pretty much all the time on message boards and web sites, trying to get all the information I can.  I've been looking at before and after pictures and just letting my mind wander about the possibilities of losing a lot of weight.  Anyhow, one major point of stress that I've had is discussing this with my husband.  My weight is embarrassing.  Being this fat sucks.  I hate not feeling comfortable in my own skin, especially around my husband who is MUCH smaller than I am.  I feel like a frikkin giant next to him and it sucks.  So I was really anxious in even mentioning to him that I'm considering this.  But, I sucked it up and told him and as I thought, he's very supportive. He only wants me to be happy and healthy.  And right now, I am neither.  Here's to hoping 2013 brings good things!

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