New Years Resolutions

Last January, my husband and I joined the gym.  I remember my first work out.  My trainer had to leave the gym for some reason, and he was supposed to come back to the treadmills and get me, but he never did.  So, I wound up getting a workout from hell from this other trainer.  He was the meat head type.  Big muscles.  Personality of a turd.  Worked me hard.  I was doing squats and lunges and throwing big medicine balls around the floor.  Anyhow, he asked me why now.  Why was I at the gym?  Before I could answer, he told me he bet I was there as a new years resolution.  But that wasn't true.  I don't make resolutions.  Don't feel the need to.  A year ago, I joined that gym and thought it would be the key to my success.  But as with all other things I do, I failed.

Can you believe that it just now occurred to me that tomorrow is the last day of 2012?  I feel like this entire year slipped away from me.  I started my travel agent school program.  I started working a second job for a major cruise line.  I kept my job at the Christmas superstore, working 80 hours a week for just that job alone. It's no wonder I don't have the time to care for myself.  But this needs to change.

2013 is my year.  It has to be.  My husband and I have had so many struggles this past year.  This has GOT to be the year.  I need to put myself first, for once and make this the year I take my life back.

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