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I'm a pretty private person. I haven't ever divulged, publicly, on my Facebook page that I had weight loss surgery, but I have discussed my weight loss (hey, I'm proud), and I have shown some of my before and after photos. I've come across a lot of people or pages of people who just inspire the hell out of me. They work hard, they look awesome, they look REAL, and they just exude this personality, this inspiration...

Today I came across someone else who just has me so inspired. I found her page courtesy of a friend of mine who posted a link about her. Check this out:  10+ Reasons I Love My Ugly Body

Firstly, oh my God! The things she can physically do? I'm in awe. Literally in awe. I wish I was that flexible and strong. I've come a long, long way, from how I could move when I weight 368 pounds. At 215ish, I move a lot better. But man oh man, I am no where NEAR as flexible or strong as this chick. And? That makes her bad ass!

Also? I would hardly call her body ugly. I would call her real. And um, in case you haven't seen her, she's hot. Just look at her! She's beautiful and so strong! She's just awesome, and she's my inspiration of the week, so please go check her out!

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