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So after 130 pounds lost, I can fully admit now, I see the difference in one of my before/after shots.  On the left is me last May-ish.  It wasn't long post-op that much I know.  I must of been 340ish here maybe?  And there's me now, this past weekend.  Down from a size 28 pants to a 20, and the shirt is a 1 or 2X, I'm not sure, it's one of those vanity sized shirts with a funky size.  The tank top on the left is a 4X and you can see how snug that puppy is.  I am a MUCH happier person in the second photo, that's for dang sure.

I FINALLY cleaned out my closet.  I donated 15 garbage bags full of clothes that were just kinda old and crappy.  I sold a bunch of things on eBay this past week and made almost $300 doing it, so I can get some more clothes that actually fit.  I've been so limited on what I can wear, because I have a handful of tee's and shirts that fit.  All of my hoodies have gotten too big, and all of my fave t-shirts are starting to get super baggy to the point where I look like a bum wearing them.  Even my surgeon commented on this last week when I had my 9-month follow up.  

And speaking of my surgeon, I LOVE HIM.  Like, seriously love him.  He's the most kind-hearted, intelligent, compassionate doctor I've ever met.  I will miss him over the next year, when I go to only yearly appointments.  And he gives the best hugs when you make him happy :)

I also need to vent about something, or rather, someone.  That would be Ms. Rosie O'Donnell.  I used to be a big fan of hers, but this is going WAY back.  Like back when she still did good stand up, and was a VJ on VH1.  Anyone remember that?  Anyhow, I have read the recent articles that she had weight loss surgery, and has lost 40 pounds. Just.40.Pounds.  And here is where I am very unpopular, because I think if you need weight loss surgery to drop 40 pounds, you're fucking lazy.  Drop the donut, take your ass to the gym and bust your ass, dropping 40 pounds is not that difficult if you actually work at it.  But WLS for 40 pounds?  She's more nucking futs than I originally thought.

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