Heavy things

Do you ever just feel...fat?  Like..ok.  I'm fat.  Obese fat.  But sometimes, y'all, I feel like I'm about 800 pounds.  Sometimes I just FEEL so much heavier than I am, and that sucks.  Lately though, my weight has been getting to me big time.  My back and hips have been taking the brunt of my weight and I gotta get my ass in gear pre-surgery.

I did get really good news today though!  Last time I went to the dr., my blood pressure was 180 over something...I don't remember.  It was high.  Sky high.  My dr. was really concerned, so they upped my meds.  Today I returned for a BP check and it was 138/80!!  Seriously, that's the lowest it's been in quite some time.  They were thrilled as was I.  My meds are working!  I can't wait until I'm off my meds....when I'm losing weight..and when I'm just happier and healthier.

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