My endoscopy

Boy oh boy - I was SO nervous and anxious going into this morning, and I have to tell you, the endoscopy was NOTHING!  I've had a lot of bad surgical experiences.  When I was 5, I was having an eye problem corrected.  The Dr. PROMISED me no eye patch after surgery.  And what did I wake up with?  Yep.  An eye patch.  Also, the anesthesia made me sicker than a dog.  When I was in 4th grade, I was hospitalized with pneumonia and bronchitis.  Not a good time either.  My c-section was the worst.  I developed an infection in the hospital, but my OB/GYN was much to lazy to come to the hospital to discharge me.  She discharged me over the telephone.  4 days after discharge, I was in the ER with chest pain, shortness of breath, and severe pain and fever.  I had some potassium and a blood transfusion.  A week later, my incision opened.  After another week in the hospital (and another week away from my baby, who did I mention - was in the NICU?), I never wanted to set foot into the hospital ever again.  I had my tonsils out a few years ago and it wasn't awful, but the recovery was rough and painful.  So my anxiety level today was off the chain.

They called me back and I got into my gown.  Of course, the lady gave me a gown about 20 sizes too small, so of course it didn't close in the back.  But I had a fabulous nurse who came and got me a bigger gown, bless her.  The medical field needs more people like her - who make larger people feel comfortable - and treat us with dignity.  I laid on the bed and answered the typical per-surgical questions, while my awesome nurse put in my IV.  After a few moments, I was being wheeled into the procedure room.  They put on my blood pressure cuff and the pulse-ox thing on my finger and taped two heart monitors to my chest.  I rolled over onto my left side and heard someone tell me they were going to put some medicine to relax me into my IV.  They gave me the plastic thing to bite onto o they don't knick my teeth and that was that.  The very next thing I remember, I woke up in recovery.

I remember NOTHING.  I never felt a thing, which is what I was so scared about.  I remember lying there on the table, and I was watching one of the monitors; the numbers kept getting more and more blury and literally, it felt like I was back there for 30 seconds.  All in all, it took 3 hours from the time I checked in at admissions to the time I was wheeled out.  And I'm glad I was!  I was looooooopy afterwards.  My husband said I kept saying things that made no sense or kept repeating myself haha.  I don't even remember having my IV taken out, or getting dressed afterwards.  

I did speak to the Dr. quickly.  No hernia...yay!  I do have some inflammation which is related to acid reflux, and they gave me a script for that, but all in all it went well!  I just have to knock off the spicy food, which is going to be very very difficult for me, because dammit, the hotter the better!  But, I'll embrace it as a part of my new lifestyle change!

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