Chugging along...

I feel like I've got nothing to update about, but I haven't updated in awhile.  Weight loss is going ok, I think.  I'm pretty close to 80 lbs. lost.  When I lost 100, I'm FINALLY getting my Hello Kitty reward tattoo.  I hope it happens soon.  The pool/gym are going well.  The gym nearly kicked my ass this morning.  I usually eat some carbs in the morning before I go - my breakfast of choice is Cheerios.  Today I decided ah, let me try some oatmeal.  Oatmeal is one of those foods that I REALLY want to like.  Unfortunately, I do not.  I ate maybe two spoonfuls of it, if that.  And literally, at the gym, had zero energy to work out.  In fact, I had to sit down twice because I almost passed out.  I really hate that light-headed feeling.  It's no bueno.

Tomorrow my baby starts 5th grade.  I'm thinking my gym/swim schedule will change a bit.  Right now, Monday, Wednesday and Friday first thing in the morning, we swim, and Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday are gym days.  I am thinking that I'll keep swimming in the mornings with my husband, but then in the afternoons after school on non-swim days, me and bub can swim, so on those days, I'll work out twice.  Any little thing I can do to burn some extra calories, tone and get fit works for me.

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