Tis my birthday...

It's my birthday today...woo woo!  I love my birthday.  Except, today has been pretty dull.  I couldn't sleep last night; was anxious for my husband to get home. We work opposite shifts and never see one another.  So knowing that I had off of work today, I was trying to stay awake until 1am when he got home.  I was so happy when he came into bed and snuggled with me.  He's my best friend.  All the way around, he's my best friend.  We met by an odd circumstance, 1200 miles away from one another.  We met and 5 months later were married.  I love this man.  Sometimes, this man makes me insanely crazy and I can't stand the sight of him, but most times, most times I cannot imagine my life without this man.  And I miss him today. :/

We all (me, husband and son) went out for lunch.  Oh!  First birthday ever with NO birthday cake. At first my feelings were super hurt. I was like, how can they NOT get me a birthday cake? I was hurt, really!  But, the more I ponder it, the happier I am that I don't have one.  Do you know how many pieces I'd eat?  A lot.  And that's just more calories I'd have to burn.  So, I got a mocha frappucino and a cheesecake brownie from Starbucks.  That's my treat today.

Anyhow, this year, I'm reflective.  I'm hopeful for my upcoming surgery and life change.  I'm hopeful that at this time next year, I'm not this fat.  I'm not this unhealthy.  I cannot wait to start my new life. I feel like this is a new opportunity, a rebirth if you will.

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